International Womens Day – Laura Moore

When did you join FSR
October 2016

Fundraising Volunteer

Why did you join FSR?
I first started volunteering as a fundraiser at school and I enjoyed the feeling of giving something back. I was encouraged to join FSR by my husband, who is an operations volunteer. I could see first hand the work FSR volunteers do and how vital the services are to our city. It was something I wanted to be apart of.
For me fundraising is more than just raising vital funds to support the charity, but it’s also an opportunity to raise awareness, engage the public and sometimes just be a reminder that there is somewhere to turn to and people who can help.

FSR volunteering is pretty much a family affair for us as Shea, 9, and Erin, 6, are also Little Fundraisers and are often spotted shaking a bucket!

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