Glow Run Statement from Foyle Search

Endurance Junkie are the organisers behind Glow Runs that have been due to take place in Belfast on the 24th of Oct & in Derry/Londonderry on the 21st of November.

Members of the Public have been registered to take part in this event in aid of various Charities including Foyle Search & Rescue.  Despite numerous attempts by FSR to contact the organisers via email, text and phone there has been NO reply by Endurance Junkie and on website it would appear the events may have been cancelled without notice or statement from them.
Foyle Search & Rescue volunteers and members of the public registering on our behalf did so in good faith and are extremely disappointed at the lack of response from the organisers and the likelihood of the Derry/Londonderry event being cancelled.
The majority of events run on behalf of FSR go ahead with excellent communication & co operation with the public & event organisers.
Apologies to the generous public who had signed up this event FSR will continue to try to contact the organisers but to date have received NO response from them.

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